The ultimate tool for r/borrow lenders

I'll be blunt. You're losing money without Loan Manager. Here's why:

Your lending profit depends on your ability to capture and take on new loans. Loan Manager lets you win more borrowers and simplifies the stressful aspects of dealing with them.

Being a lender can be tedious and time-consuming and there's only so much Excel can do for you. Loan Manager is the only tool designed to make your reddit lending easier and more profitable with features like:

Instant [REQ] notifications

Get notified immediately when a new loan request is made on r/borrow. Borrower's full loan history attached to every alert. PM them in one click with your pre-filled template and win more loans. Powered by Slack.

One-click reminding

Borrowers are more likely to pay back sooner when they're reminded. Easily send reminders using pre-filled PMs and get your daily work done in seconds.

Smart integration with r/borrow

Whenever you make a $loan command, Loan Manager automatically imports that loan for you. Loan Manager also makes making [PAID] threads a lot faster.

Powerful data insights

Go where Excel has never gone before. Easily sortable and searchable loan/borrower data at your fingertips. Keep tabs on how your lending operation is performing at any time.

"I've done over 3000 loans, often juggling up to 200 loans at the same time. Compared to an excel sheet, Loan Manager has saved me from hundreds of hours of bullshit."

- /u/igrewatomato, r/borrow's highest volume lender


Simple pay-as-you-go pricing: $0.02 per $10 lent. Minimum $10/month and a maximum of $50/month.

Enter your username below to calculate your expected monthly payment based on your loan history for the past 30 days:

Over 14,000 loans are being tracked by happy Loan Manager users. Get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just use Excel for loan management?

Loan Manager was created specifically to help lenders simplify their lending workflow, which Excel was not designed to do. Using Loan Manager over Excel means spending less time on tedious tasks, more insights on your borrowers, and a better lending experience overall.

How does the instant notification system work?

After you sign up, I create a private Slack (a chat app similar to Discord) channel that only you and the Loan Manager bot have access to. Whenever a new REQ thread is posted, the bot posts a message in that channel and you get a notification to your desktop or mobile device. The bot also gives you a link to PM the borrower using a pre-filled template you can customize.

Can I filter the notification system?

Yes, you can filter it based on loan amount, loan currency, and whether or not the borrower has successfully paid back a loan before.

I already have my loans on Excel, do I have to start over if I sign up for Loan Manager?

Nope! Your public lending records will be automatically imported, after which you'll simply have to update interest amounts, miscellaneous notes, and so on for each loans. For those just starting out, getting Loan Manager up to speed on all your data takes less than 10 minutes.

But what if I'm not new and have a ton of loans already?

I can manually import your excel sheet for you, just get in touch after signup!

Is Loan Manager for me? It sounds serious.

If you intend to: lend more than 10 times a month, turn lending into a passive income stream, acquire more loans, or if you simply value your time, then Loan Manager is for you. It's not for you if you don't plan to lend much, the time savings won't be there for you in that case.

How does payment work?

Through a credit card subscription, which will only start charging after your first month is complete. Pricing is calculated based on your loan volume for that month.

Still not convinced? Email me your questions or post about it in you know where to get other lenders' thoughts.